Negative drawing: Magic Jellyfish
Negative drawing: Magic Jellyfish
Art with lines, inspired by Sol Lewitt
Art with lines, inspired by Sol Lewitt
Lines express moods
Lines express moods
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Ceramic house to hang: worksheet

These ceramic houses were made by seventh grade students with the slab technique. For the main parts of the house (façade and roof) we used paper templates (templates to reproduce the profile of the shapes on the clay) which you can find below: To make the slab of clay, we flattened the clay with hands…

Human Figure and Mannequin: 5 worksheets

5 printable pdf worksheets to draw or build a human figure with the right proportions. In the first worksheet, there is the grid on which you can draw a mannequin, following the instructions of the following worksheets. From the drawn mannequin you can trace the shape of the human figure and you can invent any…

6th grade

7th grade

8th grade

Video Tutorial

Small Value Scale Landscapes with video tutorial

These small landscapes have been painted with watercolors, by 7th-grade students after a lesson about landscape and the representation of space with value scale. Here below a video tutorial to follow step by step You need a drawing sheet to divide in half. Cut it in two on the central fold. After that, you draw…

Collaborative Projects

Interdisciplinary Projects