We are all in the same boat!
We are all in the same boat!
Ceramic little house box
Ceramic little house box
Final Exams 2022
Final Exams 2022
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Buy worksheet from Arteascuola

Big Delaunay Poster with patterns 

A large poster inspired by Robert Delaunay, who with his colored circles gave us one of the most beautiful works of abstract art. The poster consists of 25 pages, each with a portion of the work, ready to be assembled together to obtain an image about 120 x 95 cm. Here below you can buy…

Graduated frame to draw a perspective

From arteascuola.com two printable pdf worksheets, they are useful for drawing one-point or two-point PERSPECTIVE, using only a set square without the need for other tools for technical drawing. The sheet has a graduated frame that allows you to draw all the vertical and horizontal lines of the perspective. Once the horizon line and the…

6th grade

7th grade

8th grade

Video Tutorial

Small Value Scale Landscapes with video tutorial

These small landscapes have been painted with watercolors, by 7th-grade students after a lesson about landscape and the representation of space with value scale. Here below a video tutorial to follow step by step You need a drawing sheet to divide in half. Cut it in two on the central fold. After that, you draw…

Collaborative Projects

Interdisciplinary Projects