Portraits: Women in Science

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An interdisciplinary project with citizenship education and science, involved the 7th grade students in working on the digital processing of the portrait.

First of all, mathematics and science teacher Cristina Catella worked with the students searcing for women scientists who, with their discoveries, contributed to the scientific, mathematical and technological progress of humanity in various historical eras. The portraits were collected and combined with captions with data and specializations. Each student chose a woman of science and created her portrait using the Sketchbook App on iPad with digital pens for drawing.

The photo was inserted into the Sketchbook page and on a new layer of drawing we drew the details of the portrait in continuous lines, simplifying the lines in order to stylize the details and reduce the lines to closed shapes.

The closed shapes allow us to color the areas with the “bucket” tool, to have compact and uniform colors. Once the figure has been coloured, shadows and shades can be added with the “airbrush” tool in order to integrate the portrait with some chiaroscuro.

The portrait was then completed with a monochrome background, a title block and captions indicating the name, personal data and place of origin, the specialization of the scientists and the most relevant discoveries.

The portraits have been printed in A3 format and laminated, and they will decorate the science classroom and the corridors of the scientific-mathematics learning area, accompanied by a quote by Fabiola Gianotti “The passion for science has neither gender nor passport” .


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