Flashmob for Peace!

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On Tuesday 8 March 2022 we made a flash mob for peace at the same time as many schools in Trentino, to remind us that peace is what we want most in the world, in this moment of war and madness. Each class cut out pictures with peace symbols from colored sheets, and then we went out into the courtyard and attached our symbols on a long banner, to build a road of peace together!

Here is the VIDEO of the flashmob!

Here are the steps of the work: each student in the class drew and cut out two colored silhouettes with symbols of unity and peace.

On the day of the flash mob, we went out into the courtyard, one class at a time, and each student glued their pictures onto a large banner until our street was completely filled with peace!


Graduated frame to draw a perspective

The Color Theory in 7 objects


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