Butterflies in warm & cool colors

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In these digital drawings created with with 6th Grade students, we worked on the concepts of STYLIZATION and INTERPRETATION of the image.
The photographic image has been reinterpreted and simplified to create a new digital image, with the constraint of creating a WARM COLOR figure on a COLD COLOR background.

To create these drawings we used the Sketchbook APP on the iPad, starting from an image of a butterfly searched on the internet.

After increasing the transparency of the image we created two upper layers to draw the background and the butterfly. The drawing was done with a thin, black pen stroke, trying to create closed areas to fill with color.

After drawing the butterfly we drew a background on the layer below, stylizing the images of the photo. The background was colored with cold color palettes, while the butterfly is in warm colors.

Here are our creations:


Black & white animal on tonal gradation

Collage inspired by Depero’s “Plastic Ballets”


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