Murals for our School

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Throughout the 2023-24 school year, students worked to create a large mural on the walls of our school. From this year we are organized into learning areas, linguistic, mathematical, scientific and technological, artistic-musical and literature. This new setting gave us the idea to decorate the lobbies, corridors and staircases of our school with symbols that identify the various areas.

The mural was then completed with a black thread connecting all the images, to remember the fact that all disciplines are always interconnected to each other. Along the black thread we then decided to write some motivational phrases, quotes from great figures in literature, history, science or art.

To choose the sentences, the students did a search in the classes with a vote on their favorite sentences, then a survey was carried out for all the students and teachers, where it was decided what to write on the walls.

Here is the video with the complete work:

qui sotto alcune immagini durante e dopo i lavori:


Abstract drawings from microscope

Flower field in complementary colors


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