Woven ribbons: what makes us feel good?

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With the seventh grade students we reflected on what makes us feel good at school and how we can improve our well-being at school by trying to build situations of respect, calm, joy, serenity and friendship.

Each student thought of some key words about feeling good at school and wrote them on the intertwined ribbons drawn in pencil with shades to give the illusion of space and depth.

First we drew the ribbons, three or four on each side, trying to respect the above/under position of each ribbon, to make the drawing more realistic. The shading is done with a soft pencil, by modulating the pressure of the hand. At each crossing of ribbons the ribbon below is shaded to make the drawing three-dimensional.

The drawing will be the cover of our notebook for this school year.

One of the ribbons is colored and shaded, and will be our “conducting thread” for this school year. The other ribbons are shaded with chiaroscuro, paying attention to which ribbon is below and which above. The background is colored with a black marker to accentuate the sense of depth.

The printable file in A4 .pdf format for the notebook cover can be purchased below:

This is an effective and quick job, also suitable for substitute lessons with any class, it usually ends in two hours and leaves the children satisfied. Here are this year’s works


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