Still life on package paper with video tutorial

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To create these monochrome drawings on brown package paper, my 7th-grade students used three pencils: one white, one brown, and one black.

In the video tutorial below you can follow every step of the activity. You need a photocopy of still life, a sheet of brown package paper, carbon paper, and pencils. You can find other videos on my YouTube channel Miriam Paternoster.

To copy the main lines of the picture you can use carbon paper, tracing the outlines of the objects on the wrapping paper. You can also copy the picture with a free-hand drawing or with a grid, depend on the time you have to complete the drawing.

First, we copy the LIGHTS with the white pencil, then we color the middle tones with the brown and the darker shadows with the black. At every step we see the drawing being more realistic and increasing the three-dimensional effect.

Here we have the students’ drawings


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  1. Hi Miriam,

    Could you please send me the site for the sepia toned photo references also? I am looking forward to doing this activity with my class! Thanks in advance!


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