My Ceramics

Ceramic 2022

This year I experimented with some glazes to combine with the mishima technique with engobes and graffiti.

Ceramic 2021 winter

This winter I experimented the stencil technique, always with engobes and the engraving technique called Mishima. Here is the series of pieces created on the … Read more

Ceramics 2021 summer

I continue to work and experiment with ceramics with passion. In my spare time I create objects on the wheel and decorate them with various … Read more

Flowers in bowl…

The inside of the bowls is an excuse to draw sketches of flowers that glide like shadows into the concave surface. The bowls become containers … Read more

Small pots in blue

I miss the clay, I have little time and little space to work with it. The clay is calling me through my little blue vases … Read more

Tiles imprinted with pasta

A simple and brilliant idea to be realized at school with clay slabs: colored tiles imprinted with different shapes of pasta. Farfalle, penne, fusilli or spaghetti … Read more

My pottery in Bath

I’m attending a pottery course at the City of Bath College, and I have the possibility to learn, confront and try out new ceramic techniques. … Read more

Small ceramic house-box

The slabs of clay can be used for lots of different projects. This  project needs precision  in measuring, cutting and assembling the slabs and the … Read more

Throwing clay!

I had an unforgettable experience learning how to throw clay with the Master Paul Webb in Wolfcastle (Pembrokeshire, UK). I’m just at the beginning of … Read more