The magic of Gustav Klimt

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With 9th Grade students, we made drawings inspired by the works of Gustav Klimt, the great Viennese artist who best interprets the style of Art Nouveau in the early twentieth century.
Observing the technique of this painter we made some drawings where the realistic details emerge from a carpet of decorations abstract, refined textures with golden and silver inserts.
The areas of the faces, hair, and hands are made in pencil, with soft shadows, while backgrounds and dresses are made with color felt tip pens, and enriched with fragments of gold paper.
Here are your creations that have undoubtedly something magical:

You can buy the worksheets here below:

Klimt’s original painting
Photocopy in black and white to copy the chiaroscuro on the figure
shading the figure on the worksheet
decoration with free patterns and pieces of golden paper
the final result with mixed media technique


Still life on package paper with video tutorial

Character inspired by Dubuffet


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