Collage inspired by Degas with video tutorial

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Inspired by the famous Degas’ Dancers these collages are made with brown package paper and magazine paper. To copy the main lines of the dancer we used a photocopy of a Degas’ Dancer and copied it on the brown wrapping paper with carbon paper. We colored the LIGHTS with a white pencil and the SHADOWS with a black pencil. Have a look at the video tutorial to follow the instruction step by step

We need a photocopy of a Degas’ Dancer, brown package paper, carbon paper, normal white paper, a white pencil and a black pencil, a magazine with scissors and glue.

Here below the video tutorial:

Here the students’ collages

After drawing the dancer we cut out the figure and prepare the background with the collage. On a white sheet of paper, we draw a diagonal line which will be the stage. We cut out from a magazine some pieces of text for the floor and some pieces of colored paper for the wall. We glue the magazine paper on the sheet and then we overlap the dancer.

Finally, we draw the cast shadow on the floor of the “stage” with a black pencil.

Here the finished works:


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