Drawing a face: worksheet and five suggestions

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I created this worksheet for students who like to draw a face, without having to draw the framework and proportions. You can work directly on the interpretation of the face, hairstyle, make-up, color and background. Along with the worksheet, I propose some variations to create and interpret the shape with different techniques and inspirations.

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The worksheet, made according to this scheme, can be completed with the eyes, mouth, hair, shadows, dress, decorations, make-up etc …

_DSC2740  _DSC2742

_DSC2744  _DSC2746

_DSC2748  _DSC2750

_DSC2753  _DSC2754

_DSC2757  _DSC2758

1. Face with zentangle background in colored marker: the face in black and white can be surrounded by a colorful background to zentangle, which enhance the light and shade of the face .

_DSC2762  _DSC2764

2. Themed face with a fantasy makeup: here we have an example with the “Queen of the time”, but you can apply the idea on any character like fairies, witches, superhero, alien, allegorical figures or goddesses.

_DSC2766  _DSC2768

_DSC2771 _DSC2773


3. Face with details in collage: the face can be completed and decorated with details cut out from magazines. In this case it is also possible think of a themed character.

_DSC2776 _DSC2778

_DSC2781 _DSC2784

4. Face colored on a black background: the face can be simply colored, cut out and pasted on a black cardboard, as was done in the work done by the eighth grade that you can find HERE.

_DSC1844  _DSC2452

_DSC2465 _DSC2601

_DSC1849 15 facce

5. Face inspired by the work of the artist Erik Jones: as you can see in a previous post clicking here, we imitated the style of this contemporary artist. We have drawn the face with pencil and then we have surrounded our figure with fragments of colored tissue paper.

5ott013_26  19set13_18

5ott013_22  eric jones1

trio ej

Now it’s your turn! Waiting for your suggestions, and the work you achieved with your students, to share new ideas!



Nativity in the style of Romero Britto

Photographs inspired by Series Paintings of Monet


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  1. This is just perfect– sometimes the students really need to see how much of an impact media choice an make on the overall effect of a project.


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