Color variations on a face

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In a previous lesson we learned how to draw a female face following a geometric framework. In this exercise we added color variations on hair, lips, makeup and t-shirt, using colored pencils. In the first step is very important to follow the instructions in order to draw the right proportion for eyes, nose and mouth. In the second step we can draw any kind of  hairstyle and makeup. The face has been cut out and pasted on a black cardboard. The portraits are very different at the end, everyone with its own personality, look and expression. We carried out this project with 8th grade students, in 4 hours.
We need this materials:

  • drawing sheet
  • pencil and rubber
  • ruler and compasses
  • colored pencils
  • scissors and glue
  • black cardboard



_DSC2494  _DSC2495







_DSC2476  _DSC2477

_DSC2483  _DSC2480

_DSC2479  _DSC2481

_DSC2484  _DSC2485

_DSC2486  _DSC2487

_DSC2488  _DSC2490

_DSC2491  _DSC2492

_DSC2493  _DSC2534

_DSC2606  _DSC2607

_DSC2608  _DSC2609

_DSC2610  _DSC2611

_DSC2612  _DSC2614

_DSC2613  _DSC2615

_DSC2616  _DSC2617

_DSC2618  _DSC2619

_DSC2620  _DSC2621

_DSC2622  _DSC2623

_DSC2624  _DSC2625




Many lines for a leaf

Nativity in the style of Romero Britto


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