Photographs inspired by Series Paintings of Monet

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3D dalmonego irene 3 momenti

I asked my students to observe the paintings that Claude Monet painted in series. We tried to grasp the differences of light, shade and color, among the Rouen Cathedral Series, or among the paintings in the series of Haystacks. Then I asked them to find these differences in the environment where they live, using photography.

cattedrali monet

Three works of “Rouen Cathedral Series” by Claude Monet

That’s the task: we seek a shot of a landscape habitual and comfortable, as the view of what we see from the windows of our house. Then we choose three moments of the day with features of light, shade and color very different. The ideal would be the early morning, the early afternoon and the evening. We take three photos at different times, trying to keep more or less the same shot. Now with smartphones it is very easy to make photographs and everyone can photograph landscapes changing, you just choose the right moments!

3D marlene

3D sahra foti 3 momenti

3D mia 3foto

3d nicola

3D simone bebber 3 momenti

3d giada

3d simone c.

3d debora 3d chiara

3d debora

3d chantal

3d marco dalla_finestra

3D jadine

3d gabriele concli

A further step was to edit photos making them look like oil paintings. With an option of Photoshop filter (oil on canvas) we created these virtual paintings, Monet-style!

3D marlene dipinto

3D dalmonego irene 3 momenti simulazione dipinto

3d nicola dipinto



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