Nativity in the style of Romero Britto

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For this Christmas we decided to participate in a contest of cribs that takes place in our town. With the students of 6th grade, in the class C, we made a Nativity scene, inspired by the Brazilian artist Romero Britto.We thought about this artist especially for the joy expressed by his works and his colors. The space at our disposal for the preparation of the crib is quite large, so we thought to build and decorate shapes of thick cardboard. Meanwhile the teacher of Italian Simona Mazzer created with the pupils nice poems about Christmas, around the themes of this holiday: family, love, joy, help.

With this nativity we wish all the students, teachers and families around the world MERRY CHRISTMAS!

_DSC1954  _DSC1955

_DSC2021  _DSC2233

_DSC2236  _DSC2235

_DSC2238  _DSC2241

_DSC2242  _DSC2243

_DSC2244  _DSC2004

_DSC2001  _DSC2248

_DSC2255  _DSC2253

_DSC2569  _DSC2712

_DSC2714  _DSC2720

_DSC2719  _DSC2725

_DSC2724  _DSC2732

 _DSC2727  _DSC2730



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    • Hi Sara, nice to meet you! Unfortunately I don’t have any template for this activity, my students invented the characters inspired by Romero Britto for the Nativity. You could just copy them 😉

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