Rainbow Umbrellas: mixed media drawing with video tutorial

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With 6th grade students we made this mixed media drawing that summarizes the knowledge learned so far about the chromatic circle, the achromatic colors and some techniques such as tempera and frottage.

My students asked me to create a video tutorial of the work, with all the stages of construction, materials and step-by-step instructions. The 6th grade students (1°D) of my Institute I.C. Mezzolombardo-Paganella organized themself to create this video tutorial in the art room. I was proud to publish it on my YouTube channel. Even if the explanations are written in Italian language I think it’s quite simple to understand the steps:

As we can see in the video tutorial, first we drew the umbrellas on a sheet of paper with a ruler and a compass, starting from three segments of 12, 13 and 14 cm. The umbrellas have been colored with tempera, starting from the three primary colors and obtaining the secondary and tertiary colors by correctly mixing the primary colors magenta red, cyan blue and primary yellow. The umbrellas were then traced with a black marker and cut out.

On another sheet we drew the figures with a pencil, drawing a horizontal line as a base and three vertical lines of 14cm. Around the vertical lines we drew an elongated oval, and then we drew arms, legs and details of the clothes and hands.

After having outlined the figures with a black felt-tip pen, we colored them with achromatic colors using the FROTTAGE technique. We overlapped the sheet to a rough surface with relief texture and we have colored the sheet with wax crayons or gray and black colored pencils.

To make the rain, we drew a series of vertical lines on the background with a black pen, freehand or with a ruler. Next we glued the umbrellas on top of our figures and drew the umbrella handles with a black sharpie.


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