Emotions in colors

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With 7th grade students we had some lessons about Civic Education and Citizenship talking of emotions and expressivity. We were inspired by the book “The Compass of Emotions” by Dr. Alberto Pellai, which helped us to recognize, identify and deal with the emotions we experience in our daily life.

We had the opportunity to address this issue because prof. Alberto Pellai came to our little town to hold a conference on “Emotional Education” which was attended with great interest by teachers and parents. With the students at school we read some parts of this beautiful book and we tried to give a color to the emotions, then translating them into mixed technique drawings. The purpose of these drawings was to create the poster of the event and to display the drawings as decoration of the room that hosted the conference. On this occasion we also designed the poster for the evening, here the chosen poster and below some posters designed with Google Drawings or Canva:

Before to create the drawings, each student identified and chose a precise emotion, combining it with a colour. In the square format 24x24cm we used a mixed technique, using watercolors, tempera, markers, oil and wax pastels and collages in a free way, focusing on what each student wanted to express.

Here are the works, matched by color and emotion:

sadness, despair
joy, surprise
love, tenderness
trust, joy
fear, terror

Below are the images of the meeting room decorated with our drawings:


Rainbow Umbrellas: mixed media drawing with video tutorial

Black & White Cities in Two Points Perspective


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