The Color Theory in 7 objects

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To review the different categories of color theory, each student chose a theme and drew 7 objects in the style of doodle. The word doodle in English mainly means “scribble” or “squiggle”, of those we do while we are lost in thought or, for example, on the phone. Online you can find many drawings in doodle or “clipart” style, simple, linear, and stylized, with the most varied topics, such as the image below:

Students were asked to choose a theme: some were inspired by reference images found online, some invented their own theme and drawings. Once the seven objects were drawn, they were asked to color each object with ONE color category:

  1. primary
  2. secondary
  3. neutral (achromatic colors)
  4. warm
  5. cool
  6. a value scale of a color
  7. a couple of complementary colors

The drawings are made in pencil, then traced with a black marker, and then colored with colored pencils and markers.


Flashmob for Peace!

Picasso Doves: print with craft foam


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