Picasso Doves: print with craft foam

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To express once again our desire for peace, we were inspired by the doves that Picasso loved to draw with a few simple strokes. We know the artist’s feelings toward war, we want to make his words our own: “I’ve always been proud that my name stands for PEACE.” With this meaning, he paints Guernica, as a cry against all wars, and with the same intent, he draws its doves as a universal symbol of PEACE.

His style is CUBISM: with a few simple lines and SIMPLIFIED shapes, he gives a clear message. The activity also lends itself to the increasingly urgent topic of safeguarding PEACE and HUMAN RIGHTS.

The material we use as a printing plate is CRAFT FOAM. We trace the draw directly on it with a marker, copying freehand a Picasso dove, and then we ENGRAVE the mark with a POINTED PENCIL. After that, we cut out the shape and keep the pieces that are leftover. With those pieces, we create words to add to our figure, with the precaution of making MIRROR WRITINGS, which is the OPPOSITE of how we normally write, in order to obtain a correct print.

Before printing, we prepare the background: a drawing sheet decorated in watercolor will be the support where to print our dove of peace. We paint directly on the sheet with watercolors with free themes and designs and pay attention to using only LIGHT COLORS.

Once the printing plate and the support have been prepared, you can proceed to the printing phase: with a roller the printing plate is inked, then overturned on the support and pressed with the back of a spoon, taking care to press on the entire area of the plate, including edges. The same thing is done for printing the words.

Since the feature of PRINTING is to be REPLICABLE, we also thought of creating a large poster to hang in the corridor, to declare our NO to every war. We painted a large poster all together to create a background for a collaborative activity. When we printed our doves each student did his print on this poster too, following the same procedure.


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