Character inspired by Dubuffet

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Thanks to the idea of my colleague Luigi Santibacci, we created these imaginative characters inspired by Jean Dubuffet with 6th Grade students. We observed his sculptures, with their unmistakable deformed shapes, with thick black outlines and red and blue line patterns.

Jean Dubuffet was a French painter and sculptor of the 20th century. His artworks were simple, like the one of a child, and full of imagination. In 1962 he started using only a few colors: BLUE, RED, BLACK, and WHITE. He used to create his sculpture with plastic materials. They are very big and communicative.

We imitated Dubuffet’s style without bothering with proportions, sense of beauty, or realism, enjoying the freedom of lines and patterns. We created an imaginative character using enclosed shapes and continuous outlines.

We drew a character with a pencil and ink the outlines with a black permanent marker. After that, we filled the spaces with a blue or red felt-tip pen, with parallel straight lines or filling it completely.

We gave a name to our characters and we wrote it in the style of Dubuffet

Here are the students’ works


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