A monochrome picture with #hashtag

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I sent my students chasing colors around the house, they took a MONOCHROME photo by grouping a series of objects on a colored background, all of the same color. The next step was to upload the photo into a Google Presentations slide and add a personal thought that began with the phrase: Today I feel … continuing with: because it gives me a sense of … For example today I feel Orange because it gives me a sense of warmth, energy, and desire to live. Then I asked to add a #HASHTAG in the image.

We thus develop DIGITAL competence, because we must demonstrate that we know how to handle a tool such as Google Slides and we also develop social and civic competence, because surely we must put all the objects we have gathered in order and tidy up at the end of the activity !!! 😉

In the task I also included a grid for self-assessment so that each student is able to understand the steps of the work, complete and evaluate them by himself:


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