Figure’s silhouette: 22 worksheets

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22 different outlines of figures in pdf, ready to be used for different activities. The topic is about the relationship between figure and background in a picture. Did you know that our brain can focus only on the positive space (figure) or on the negative space (background)? Figure and background, appear in the perception domain at the same time, however they can’t be perceived meanwhile. You can buy the worksheets below:

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We suggest three different activities with these silhouettes;

1. Silhouette on tonal gradation 




_DSC0648  _DSC0268

2.  Positive and negative space: silhouettes in mixed media




5giu14_82   5giu14_87

3.  Painting the background to create the figure 

_DSC3937  _DSC3366


3 negat vert


Painting the background to create the figure

Futurist photographs


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