Futurist photographs

15 foto futuriste

The Futurist artists argue that true Beauty Is in the dynamism of things because nothing is still, everything moves. After observing some Futurist paintings like those by Giacomo Balla and chronophotograph by Thomas Eakins, the eighth grade students have experienced the representation of forms in motion through photography.




These shots were made with mobile phone trying to capture a moving subject or moving the device, in order to get dynamic images, never still, with contour lines in sequence or “dragged”. Look at what the guys have invented to capture images in their true Futurist spirit!

3C arianna girardi ff  nastro

altalena  20160408_152122

ff15 ff16

ff18 ff19

ff20 ff17

ff21 ff22

ff23 ff24

ff25 ff26

ff27 ff29

ff37 ff38

ff28 ff30

ff35 ff36

ff39 fflaura1

nicolaff2 saraff

ffandrea1 salto

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