Futurist photographs

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The Futurist artists argue that true Beauty Is in the dynamism of things because nothing is still, everything moves. After observing some Futurist paintings like those by Giacomo Balla and chronophotograph by Thomas Eakins, the eighth grade students have experienced the representation of forms in motion through photography.




These shots were made with mobile phone trying to capture a moving subject or moving the device, in order to get dynamic images, never still, with contour lines in sequence or “dragged”. Look at what the guys have invented to capture images in their true Futurist spirit!

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2 thoughts on “Futurist photographs”

  1. I love this idea! I teach high school photography and teach a similar lesson to get the students introduced to more advanced shutter and aperture techniques. I have my students create a few dynamic images using slow shutter, tripods, and/or panning techniques. I also have them play around with ghost images and light writing in this unit. The students have a ton of fun experimenting with these techniques while also practicing and mastering manual camera settings. I this day and age when anyone can be a photographer students are more impressed with learning these techniques that make them stand out from the typical snap shot or overly filtered selfie. Your students have created some amazing photos and it is extremely impressive that they did so with their mobile phones. Is there an app that you had them use to control the shutter speed?

    • Hi Jessie, thanks for your comment! My students created these pictures just with mobile phones, because they were in a middle school and we hadn’t proper cameras or tripods. I just told them that they had to move very fast and try many shots ’till they got the right one. They surely enjoyed the activity!
      Anyway, you suggest me a good idea with light writing… I could try it with my students as well!
      I’d like to see your students’ pictures 😉


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