Three solid to shade: worksheet

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In this worksheet you have three simple solid figures: a cylinder, a cube and a sphere. Starting from this linear drawing, you can deal with various topics at the same time: theory of the shadows, drawing techniques for shading, relationship between positive and negative space.
For this work are required only a soft pencil and a felt tip pen, but the variants may be many, such as colored shadows with pastels or different ways to decorate the background.
Students of Grade 7th have drew  three different types of shading with a pencil:
1) with different pressure of the pencil,
2) with crossed lines,
3) with overlapped scrawls.
Afterwards they colored the background with markers, drawing abstract shapes and lines.
3 solids  worksh

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the picture shows at the real image in black and white
shadows can be drawn in various ways
1. with different pressure of the pencil
2. with crossed lines
3. with overlapped scrawls9ott_20
9 3 solid

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  1. The worksheet/purchase should include the black and white photograph for a student reference. Just the worksheet with the form is not that useful.

  2. I am glad to find the original of this project! I have seen this floating around different websites and wanted to use it in my class, but knew someone spent time developing it! Happy to pay for using this! and to find all your other fun things!


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