Collaborative project: the book ‘s cover

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3 copertine libro

In collaboration with the literature teacher, a 7th grade class, has worked in small groups to create the covers of some short stories.
The stories, of the fantasy genre, have been written by the students followed by the literature teacher Tatiana Marzani. They have invented the story according to the specific canons of the fantasy genre. In the Art class then the five groups have worked to create the cover for their story. After a short lesson on the main elements that make up the book’s cover, every group divided the tasks and each student created a part of the final image. Someone have took care of the background, some of the leading figures, some of the title and the written part, some of the other elements to be included in the image. It was not easy to agree on the composition, on the tasks, and on the final product, but the collaborative project should develop the capacity to exchange ideas and listen to those of others, for the realization of a common project. Here are the photos of the work in progress and the book’s covers.


























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