The city in Expressionist style

_DSC02733 exp. cities

In the 9th grade classes, we studied the German Expressionists, as part of the avant-garde art of the twentieth century. Noting especially the paintings by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, we pointed out the main features of his painting. We have summarized his philosophy in some visual aspects that recur in his paintings:
– Distorted perspectives and deformed reality
– Use of unreal colors, pure, with contrasting combinations
– Use of contour lines thick, dark and sharp

We tried to “see” the picture of a city street with the eyes of an Expressionist of 1905, and we have applied these features to the real, interpreting it according to this style. First we have drawn the city with oil pastels, taking inspiration from a photograph in black and white. Afterwards we colored the image with watercolors, trying not too dilute colors to maintain a certain saturation in the colors.

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  1. These are Fantastic!

  2. Beautiful! For the countour lines, did they first draw w/ pencil, or go straight at it with the oil pastels?

    • Hi Rita! Students drew the lines directly on white paper with oil pastels. I told them that is not possible to make mistakes, in the expressionist way to draw you have to deform the reality! 🙂

  3. Oops! Contour lines, not countour lines! 🙂

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