Create a Fantasy Character

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personaggi fantasy

Starting from the analysis of the human figure and its proportions, we created and drew a fantasy character. The idea came from a work about Fantasy novels, made by 7th grade students, during the literature lessons. Before we have drawn a “dummy” in a grid of 24x6cm for understanding the correct proportions of the human figure. Then we copied the outline of our mannequin at the window, on a white sheet, and on this we designed our character. Subsequently we have colored and decorated the character with colored pencils. Features of the figure? He, or she, has to have an extravagant look, a “magical” object and a name.

You can buy the worksheet with grid and sample of body proportions clicking on the picture below

_DSC0152 copia


_DSC0392  _DSC0391

_DSC0264  _DSC0156





_DSC0260_DSC0258 _DSC0202        

_DSC0374  _DSC0372

_DSC0371  _DSC0370











The color wheel star-shaped

The city in Expressionist style


5 thoughts on “Create a Fantasy Character”

    • Hi Kirsty! I think that depend on the age of students. My pupils are twelve, so this exercise was quite simple and funny for them. Whit the mannequin is even simpler! 🙂

      • I will be doing it with a group aged 8 – 14, so simple is good. I’m going to show them how to draw a figure with the right proportions, but then use a mannequin as well for action poses.

    • Hi Ashley!It took around three hours. Two hours for drawing the mannequin, (following my instructions on the blackboard), for tracing the silhouette and starting do draw the features of the character. Another hour to finish the drawing with pencil and color it with colored pencils. Are you trying to do it with your students? 🙂


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