Cupcakes inspired by Wayne Thiebaud

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One of the tricks to represent the space is to overlap the shapes in a way such that the position of the objects is perceived as three-dimensional. Although the cupcakes are all the same size, the higher shapes appear more distant than those at the bottom. With classes of 7th grade we have drawn some muffins, coloring them with oil pastels in a fanciful way. We then cut out the shapes and glued on a sheet of wrapping paper, paying attention to the arrangement (behind / top – ahead / bottom). On wrapping paper we have drawn the shadows with a blue pencil, in the style of  Wayne Thiebaud, which is the inspiration for this work. You can find another post inspired by this artist here: Cakes inspired by Wayne Thiebaud.



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    • Hi Joanna! Yes, we used oil pastels for the cupcakes, i fixed the colors with some hair spray, then we cut out the shapes and pasted them on wrapping paper. 😉


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