Cakes inspired by Wayne Thiebaud

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Wayne Thiebaud is an American artist who worked in the ’60s. He is often associated with the Pop Art because of his choice of subjects (objects symbol of consumerism such as cakes, candies, chewing gum, hot dogs, cosmetics, toys). Thiebaud, however, has always refused to be inscribed in an artistic movement. In the 8th grade class we were inspired by this American artist to draw our cakes, imitating the Thiebaud’s painting style with oil pastels. The results are excellent, bright and very personal!











Free variations for Van Gogh and Gauguin

Is the Art classroom too noisy?


24 thoughts on “Cakes inspired by Wayne Thiebaud”

    • Hi Lucy! Thanks for your comment… I put the drawings all together on a wall into the school and the effect of colors is really amazing! 🙂

  1. Great projects kids, I’m inspired by thiebaud too here in China at AISGuangzhou . Retiring this year but have lots of articles to send in to school arts magazine next year. Keep up the colorful explorations kids! Jaci

      • Hi Miriam- Would you ever consider any kind of collaboration with our students and yours? Maybe they could each start works and then trade and each group could complete the others???

  2. Hello Miriam, Job well done to you and your students! I teach elementary art in the United States; My students would love this Wayne Theibaud inspired project. This project is a great way to introduce tints and shades.

    • Hi Tarik! Thanks for your comment! we are going to do another mixed media project about Wayne Thiebaud, and we’ll focus on the position of the objects to get the sense of space and three dimension in a drawing. Keep in touch!

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  8. These are beautiful! Did you have tje students choose the color of the paper? I notice that there are different colored paper choices used.


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