Voting is open this week!

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Great news friends! I just found out from Jessica over at The Art of Education that my blog has been selected as one of the finalists to win “Art Ed Blog of the Year!” Very exciting. This is such a great idea, and I’ve already discovered a lot of great new Art Ed Blogs through the nomination page. 
I need your help to win! Voting is open this whole week from today through Friday the 14th. Could I ask you to take 30 seconds, follow this linkand vote for my blog to win?! All you have to do is click on the name of my blog in the poll, and click vote! It’s that easy. We’ve got the best fans out there, so I’m confident that if you all take just a second to vote, we’ll be promoted to one of the Top 10 Art Ed Blogs of 2012! 
Thank you so much! 

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6 thoughts on “Voting is open this week!”

  1. I've already voted Miriam – I would say good luck but you don't need it! Surely your blog will be near the top, if not the very top of the final 10 : )

  2. I have already voted Miriam!!! Your blog is an example of good practices in visual-education and I think it can be one of the best!I am waiting for the results… :)france


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