Discover the hidden poems

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On a page of an old book you draw any object and choose some word in order to create a little poem…  You’ll be surprised to discover what is hidden in a page. Do you have three minutes? Have a look at my video tutorial:


 16apr13_298          16apr13_297

16apr13_293        16apr13_287

hidden poems2


Queen Elizabeth I: the story in 2 minutes

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17 thoughts on “Discover the hidden poems”

  1. Hi Gabriela! I love too, it’s so various and full of surprise, there is so many exciting features: poetry, drawing, imaginations, links between words and imagines… I think everyone should try it!Thanks for your comment!

  2. May I ask permission to use one of these pictures in a teaching resource I am creating? I would like to include at least one picture from above with a link to this page so students could find out more and be inspired. This is incredible!

    • Thanks Jane for your kind comment, I’m very glad to inspire you. I’m sure you enjoy a lot this practice, you are right, it’s therapeutic for me too! 🙂


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