Discover the hidden poems

On a page of an old book you draw any object and choose some word in order to create a little poem…  You’ll be surprised to discover what is hidden in a page. Do you have three minutes? Have a look at my video tutorial:


 16apr13_298          16apr13_297

16apr13_293        16apr13_287

hidden poems2

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  1. i love this process! I've done it a few different times (altered books and altered page) with various age levels and it's always so engaging.

  2. I will be doing something similiar to this for my mixed media class in the spring!

  3. Hi Gabriela! I love too, it’s so various and full of surprise, there is so many exciting features: poetry, drawing, imaginations, links between words and imagines… I think everyone should try it!Thanks for your comment!

  4. great! You’ll show me your work when will be ready!!

  5. questo mi è piaciuto davvero! Ah, l'arte delle parole!

  6. Fabulous! I am doing a storytelling unit with my 2nd graders and I must adapt this!!! (a simplified version of course!)

  7. wow!! I’m curious to see your works with children, show me your adaptation for kids, I think everyone could do this! thanks for your comment!

  8. Do you know the art of Natalie Czech?

  9. Thanks for the suggestion! I’m very glad to know her work!

  10. Great stuff. Check out a NZ artist who has created a name for herself in the art world, painting Maori designs on newspaper, leaving some text exposed. Tracey Tawhiao. Worth googling. I've tried her approach in class.

  11. One more thing Miriam, what is the fabulous black pen you are using in your tutorial? Which by the way is excellent.

  12. It’s a brush pen: have a look on PENTEL GFKP JAPAN, refillable with black ink cartridge. the tip is like a paintbrush… it’s fantastic!

  13. May I ask permission to use one of these pictures in a teaching resource I am creating? I would like to include at least one picture from above with a link to this page so students could find out more and be inspired. This is incredible!

  14. Love love love them all. Very therapeutic doing these pages. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thanks Jane for your kind comment, I’m very glad to inspire you. I’m sure you enjoy a lot this practice, you are right, it’s therapeutic for me too! 🙂

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