Zentangle flowers with tempera-value background

an interesting composition!
michele s.

In the class 2B we have done this exercise in three steps:
1) first we drawn the flower with a pencil
2) then we painted the background with tempera, using two colours (white and another colour). We started from the white tempera, adding a drop of colour for every range of value.
3) eventually we completed the flower with different kind of tangle, drawn directly with a black marker.

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  1. I love projects like this that can be assembled collaboratively to create a larger work of art. Beautiful!!

  2. I really love these! Great job! 🙂

  3. Bellissimi questi petali. … Un puzzle perfetto frutto della condisione grande idea bravi i ragazzi e brava la prof!!!!!!

  4. Fantastic lesson. Just stunning!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful work!

  6. adoro!

  7. Bellissimo!

  8. Bellissimo!

  9. First I thaugt: Boring, each student has made the same picture. But then I recognized the aspect of cooperative learning when putting them together. And this is a really good idea!

  10. Davvero un bel progetto!

  11. absolutely beautiful! thank you for sharing!

    • I’m doing the same project with my current classes! Would you have another idea to achieve with gradations and zentangle? I’m thinking about another shape rather than flowers… If you have an idea share this with me! Thanks for your comment and happy art!

  12. crankepants says

    I’ve been experimenting with color values on MDF boards done in acrylics, and separately working on ZenTangles. I love the combination and can’t wait to try it for myself!

    • Hi crankepants! What a good idea! If will be possible, show me your work… I’m curious! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  13. Hi Miriam! You had another project on your blog that was very similar to this project. Did you take it down? It was a center medallion with zentangles and then tempera was painted around it. The project I am speaking of was also collaborative. Could you please re-post it?? I loved that project and wanted to try it with my students. Thank you!

  14. awesome work by you , like it shared this with others they to like it. pls share more

  15. Hello,
    Good evening have a nice day.

  16. Thanks for your comment! Your works at the Georgetown Elementary School are amazing!! I’m very happy to share my ideas and specially to see the realizations in other School around the world! See you soon and Good Art 😉


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