A cup of fantasy!

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Funny cups painted with tempera!  This is a good exercise to learn how many textures you can paint with tempera colours, and how many ways there are to use use a paintbrush. Enjoy!

paint the background with plain colours
when the surface is dry, add the texture

create your own texture!
use at least two colors for every pattern
draw the outline with a permanent marker

Zentangle flowers with tempera-value background

Silhouette on colorful gradation


21 thoughts on “A cup of fantasy!”

    • Hi Maggie! Thanks for your comment. It’s very easy to paint these cups with children, and fun of course! Try it and show mw your result! I’m always curious!!

    • Hi Em! The children are 11 years old, in Italy is the first class of middle school, in Uk is grade 6 and 7, and I think in Usa as well? Are you from Usa? May you help me to understand the grade of a 11-years student? Thanks em , we keep in touch! 🙂


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