Silhouette on colorful gradation

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Student of grade 9 (class 3B),  learned to use acrylic colours, mixing them to get colour gradations. Then they painted a black silhouette on the colorful background. The effect is very bright!


A cup of fantasy!

Three ways to shade


10 thoughts on “Silhouette on colorful gradation”

  1. Wonderful pictures. I love the rainbow colored backgrounds, which are highlighted beautifully with the silhouettes. Thank you for sharing.Greetings from Denmark –

    • First of all the gradation of colors and how the students mix the colors. They should be able to mix the colors with smooth brushstrokes, with a gradual change of colors. It’s is difficult because the tempera paint dries wery quickly and the colors are mixable just if they are wet and soft.
      Second the silhouette: it is painted with black tempera paint and thin paintbrushes, and painting it requires attention and care. So, I consider 6 point for the colored background ( gradation, range of colors, visible or invisible brushstrokes, ability in mixing colors…) and 4 point for the silhouette (precision, solid color, kind of silhouette more or less difficult to paint, edges)


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