Three ways to shade

Students in the grade7 (classe 2B) have tried three different types of shading with a pencil:
1) HATCHING: with different pressure of the pencil,
2) CROSSHATCHING: with crossed lines,
3) STUMBLING: with overlapped scrawls and random marks.

Afterwards they colored the background with markers, drawing free shapes and lines with negative and positive spaces. Eventually we pasted the drawing on an colored paper to create a frame

show this picture
draw the lines

1) HATCHING : with different pressure of the pencil

2. CROSSHATCHING :  diagonal lines in opposite directions

3. SCUMBLING:  short, random curvy marks overlapped

shade with different ways
draw free lines and shapes on the background
fill with negative and positive spaces
paste the drawing on a colored paper to create a frame
some works of class 2B
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  1. I like these pictures a lot, especially the idea with different ways of drawing shades. The individual patterns around the figures make the pictures even more wonderful.

  2. Your students have done great work with their shading and the contrast with the colored background is very effective! 🙂

  3. in the colored background they can express themselvs, while their shading is a mere exercise. For this work you may take around 60 minute!

  4. Thank you! It is very simple if you prepare a photocopy of the drawing, so thei can concentrate on the shadows and the background. You could also copy some real objects, but you need more than an hour.

  5. Thank you so much for all your ideas.

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