Final exams 2015

11esami15Every year, when my students have the final examinations of middle school, I wonder what they’ll remember of all our lessons in these three years. Somebody ‘will remember some experience into the Art room, another one will remember something that has emotioned him , incuriosito, astonished or bored him. I know that knowledge at this age is led mostly by emotions, and at the end of every year, I ask to myself what can I do the next year, in order to comunicate effectively emotions.

Some students have surpised me, bringing to the examination his own masterpiece and speaking about it: they let me understand that they have learnt not just the informations, but also the emotions connected to the marvellous adventure of Art!
Thank to you guys, I wish you to be able of learn and choose your way, to become the best women and men that you can.





_DSC0316 copia






2 esami15






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