Black & white animal on tonal gradation

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With 6th grade students we worked on the theme of achromatic colors and tonal gradations, and we created these paintings with tempera paint to practice on gray scales and color tones.

First we traced an image with a stylized animal using carbon paper, then we painted the animal with achromatic colours, white, black and scale of greys.

After that twe divided the background into areas, tracing a series of lines with a pencil. We painted the various areas of the background with different shades of a color, starting from the lightest colors, mixing WHITE with very little pure color on the palette and gradually adding more color. To create the dark colors we started from a PURE COLOR and added very small quantities of black.

When the painting was perfectly dry we traced all the lines of the drawing with a permanent black marker.

Here are our paintings!


Rainbow fish

Butterflies in warm & cool colors


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