Rainbow fish

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To paint this rainbow fish we only used the primary colors as in the construction of the color wheel. First we drew a fish on a drawing sheet trying to respect a distance of 4 cm from the sides. Each student invented the shape of the fish by choosing the details they preferred and taking inspiration from some different fish shapes.

The fish has been divided into 12 strips which will be painted with all the colors of the color wheel. For the distribution of the colors on the plate and the procedure for mixing the colors we followed the video tutorial below. First we painted the primary colors, then the secondary ones and finally the tertiary colors.

For the background we created a solid color light blue or blue background and painted the entire background with the same shade of tempera paint.

To finish the image we drew the outline of the fish with a black permanent marker, we added some waves in the background with a colored marker and we drew some white bubbles with a white pen corrector.

Here are all our rainbow fish!


Pinch-pot ceramic little fish

Black & white animal on tonal gradation


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