Natural textures with colored pencils

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When we ask students to depict the water in a drawing, the majority draws a blue solid color; in the same way the wood is drew as a brown solid color, and the grass is an area of compact green. In this exercise, I challenged the students to the observation of reality. To copy a texture in a realistic way, is essential to observe its complexity. The enlarged detail of a natural texture helps us to focus attention on the details, the shapes and colors. We must keep our thought away from our abstract and simplified idea of water, wood or grass. Here is our collection of textures, designed by students of the sixth grade with colored pencils.









Museum in perspective

Final exams 2015


6 thoughts on “Natural textures with colored pencils”

  1. These are fantastic! I wanted to do something similar with my students for the same reasoning a- they all draw the sun as a yellow ball and the sky as one solid blue etc… They need to learn about the variety found in nature and textures- I’m going to try this when we go back to school in September! Looking forward to exploring your posts more!

    • Thanks for your precious comment KrisVW! Sometimes could seem difficult to teach the complexity of textures in a drawing, but kids are very skill in copy details, so they really understand that complexity. Let me know how will be your experience! have a nice holiday 🙂

    • hi Hillary! yes, I chose the pictures on internet and put them in a power point file, with the same size (8x8cm), and then I’ve printed them. Of course, I chose the pictures with high resolution. 🙂


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