Design: Artist Perfume

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In this DESIGN activity we were inspired by the perfume made by GUERLAIN “The Bee Bottle- Maison Matisse Edition 2023”, inspired by MATISSE. This is a limited edition fragrance: the design is inspired by the painting “La Musique” made by Henri Matisse in 1939.

Taking a cue from this product, we design a perfume bottle inspired by a modern and contemporary art artist. First we choose an artist and some of his works, in this example I chose AMEDEO MODIGLIANI (the slides are from the lesson I teach in art class, sorry for the Italian language).

In the next step, we design an original SHAPE that it matches to the characteristic shapes of the chosen artist and that re-proposes the trends of his lines. We draw our bottle on a drawing sheet, in large size. Subsequently, always in pencil, we decorate the bottle by assembling details from the chosen works and we color with colored pencils or other techniques of your choice, trying to imitate the artist’s style and colours.

Once the drawing is finished, we photograph it and create a digital image in PNG (ie with a TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND). to do this we have used sites that transform the background of the images, making it transparent. One of the ones I used is EXPRESS ADOBE with the option “remove background”.

When the drawing is transformed into a digital .png image, we can import it onto a digital page to create our ADVERTISING MESSAGE. For digital processing it is possible to use GOOGLE DESIGNS, or GOOGLE PRESENTATIONS, or use graphic processing and online visual communication platforms such as CANVA. In our case we used a Google Sheet Drawings (from the GSuite Google package for school). Below we see our perfumes in PNG format in a single image:

To create our ADVERTISING MESSAGE in a magazine format for printed paper, we need to give the product a NAME, insert it in a visual context that draws attention and highlights the bottle (VISUAL), and create a TEXT, an effective slogan with a remarkable visual impact (HEADLINE).

In the digital editing we insert a background, the name of the perfume, an effective slogans, the shading and the reflection of the bottle, trying to create an attractive, convincing and coherent image with the product we want to advertise. Here are our artist perfumes:


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