Art with lines, inspired by Sol Lewitt

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With 6th grade students we made these drawings inspired by the American artist Sol Lewitt and his works made with color lines. Explaining the line as a visual element, we observed some artists’ works who mainly use lines.

Sol Lewitt is a contemporary American artist, who works between Conceptual art and Minimalism. His pictorial works are mainly abstract and he uses colored or black and white lines as main element.

some works by Sol Lewitt

For our drawing we chose a 24×24 square format, and divided the paper into three or four areas with black lines. In each area we traced straight or curved PARALLEL LINES with a pencil. I have suggested to draw the lines freehand to exercise their hand, but I still allowed the use of the ruler for drawing straight lines.

To color the drawing in the style of Sol Lewitt we used 7-8 felt pen colors and we colored the lines with solid colors. However, each student freely interpreted both the lines and the colors.


Ceramic 2022

Negative drawing: Magic Jellyfish


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