Multimedia Museum in one-point Perspective

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After a lesson dedicated to civic education and the conservation of cultural heritage, we discussed what the museum is and what it is for. We understood that a Museum is a place to exhibit and store objects of all kinds! Browsing the web and telling us about all the museums we have visited we have seen how many types of museums there are in the world, and how these places preserve the most disparate things. We too wanted to create truly special museums, in one-point perspective, dedicating the spaces to our favorite subjects.

To create the one-point perspective, we used a graduated frame, so that we can draw the vertical and horizontal lines with a single ruler. You can purchase the worksheet here

Below we can see the steps for creating the drawing: first, draw a horizon line and a vanishing point, then we proceed by drawing the walls of the room. After that, we draw the back wall which will be a rectangle with right angles. From this drawing, we can decorate our room as we prefer: I proposed a checkerboard for the floor and strips for the ceiling. On the walls, we drew some perspective boxes, and we kept the back wall for a large “screen”.

The hall in one-point perspective has been colored as desired, according to the style and preferences of each student:

On the back wall, we drew a large rectangle to create a “screen”. We cut out the rectangle to insert the mobile phone screen with a Youtube video. The effect is that of a large room with a screen dedicated to video projection. We created a museum that, in addition to exhibiting objects, also offers multimedia experiences.

Here are some of our museums complete with videos!


Painting a Coffee Moka with patterns

Big Delaunay Poster with patterns 


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