Stop Motion Workshop

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This Year we had the great opportunity to collaborate with two theatre directors Jacopo Laurino and Elena Galvani of Stradanova Slow Theatre creating the scenic desing for a play. The play was freely adapted from the Marcovaldo by Italo Calvino. The story is set in a grey and polluted city, and the protagonist, called Marcovaldo, dreams and looks for a pure and unspoiled nature. He find the signs of nature in some ingenuos, poetic and illusory moments of his life, that I thought to depict in stop motion animations

It was a challenge to design and build a frame where to fix the camera and the drawing paper in order to obtain a sequence of fixed framing. We used an upside down desk where we fixed the camera.

We designed four animations with around 500 shots each. Every stop motion followed a theme of the story and the students worked in three or four for each video: three of them painted the scene and one took care of sequential shots.

The sequential shots was edited with iMovie and here below you can watch the final effect.

when Marcovaldo thinks that the mushrooms grown in the flowerbed of the bus stop are a delicacy …
when Marcovaldo thinks he has found a miraculous remedy for rheumatism with wasp stings …
when Marcovaldo exchanges his sad lunch with a spoiled child …
when Marcovaldo goes to sleep on a park bench because in his house it’s too hot …

The Starry Night in a big mosaic

Sketchbook 2019


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