Collaborative project: design a book cover

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In collaboration with literature teachers we have worked on a multidisciplinary project.  Students of 7th Grade worked in small groups to create and write a fantasy or crime short story, according to the criteria set by the literary genre analyzed.

Once the stories and titles were created, the students realized the cover of their books, working in groups on the same image. First of all there was an explanation of the criteria that have to be chosen to design the cover of a book in an effective and appealing way. In fact, it’s very important to choose the right colors, the suitable images and the most effective font in order to give a clear and captivating messagge about the content of the book.

We started the design with a brainstorming, where every member of the group shared his ideas with the others, and where a series of preliminary sketches were produced.
The students discussed about which images, colors, fonts, and compositions should be the best to compose their book cover, in order to convey the content of their story effectively.

Subsequently, in the groups, the work procedure was established and tasks were divided for each student: someone has painted the background, someone has drew the figures, someone has written the title. In this way, everyone has worked on separate sheets. At the end the different parts of the composition has been cut, assembled and pasted to get the final image.











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