Double figures created with silhouettes

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After reasoning about positive and negative space in the 7th grade classes, we designed a double figure, working on the relationship between couple of silhouettes. We observed the amazing images of  Noma Bar, the great contemporary graphic designer, who creates figurative plays between the figure and its background. The task was to create a picture with two silhouettes logically connected.

First, the students thought about an idea, a topic or a meaning to be developed, trying to find a relationship between two images (eg. a sport, a feeling, a season…).After that they sketch a simple drawing of their idea. Subsequently they searched for silhouettes on-line and did a proportioned print of them. Finally the silhouettes have been traced with a pencil on a drawing sheet, and the shapes have been colored with a black marker. Here we have an example of the procedure created by me with Photohop, and below the drawings created by students.

























Asterisk* with three ways to shade

How to paint the color wheel: video tutorial


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