The color wheel like a flower

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fiore cromatico 9 step

Every school year we work on the color theory and the color wheel, and is quite difficult to find new and original ways to paint it. You can see in some previous posts, square color wheels, star-shaped, and umbrella-shaped color wheels. This year with the students of grade 6th, we painted the color wheel as a flower, with different petals for primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

First you draw a small circle in the middle of the drawing sheet,with a pencil. The first three petals are drawn as a plane propeller, with round edges, these shapes are used for PRIMARY colors (pictures 1 and 2). Next you draw the three petals for the SECONDARY colors: as you can see in the sequence, these petals have a sharp edge (pictures 3 and 4). Subsequently we draw 6 tips, like star’s tips, each between rounded and sharp petals. These shapes are for TERTIARY colors.

You paint the “color flower” starting from the three primary colors, and you proceed by mixing them to get the secondary and tertiary colors. Finally you paint the background with black paint, and you redraw the lines with a black marker.















9 fiori cromatici



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  1. Great idea Miriam.Clear instructions too and the results are fantastic. I am sure your students enjoyed creating all these colours in the flower shapes.


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