Artist Trading Cards Global Swap 2015

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At beginning of the School year we took part ito an Artist Trading cards Global Swap. The idea came from an outstanding American teacher, Nic Hahn (here her website MiniMatisse), with whom I share technical ideas and lessons from a few years. Artist Trading Cards are small works of art, the size of a playing card, (2.5 x 3.5 inches, or 6.35 x 8.89 cm) that artists from around the world exchange each other by mail. The project started from the school where Nic Hahn is working, the Hassan Elementary School in Minnesota, USA, which will host the international exchange of these special cards among students from around the world. My 8th grade students participate to this exchange, and together we have created a hundred Artist Trading Cards that have been sent to America and have been exchanged with other 100 cards made by students from different schools. We created also a Video Tutorial, to show how we have made our ATCs.tre donne ATCs

In this post we publish the small art works which came from around the world to our little school, and now are shown on a wall of our school. We received the box this January and we prepared a poster with the cards and the maps of the countries where them are coming from. We have also the link of some website as Art With Mr. E, where we can find our own cards!

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_DSC0368 _DSC3866

_DSC0374 _DSC0376

_DSC0377 _DSC0375






_DSC0367  _DSC0370

_DSC0371  _DSC0372


_DSC0494  _DSC0495



Buildings in one point perspective

The color wheel like a flower


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  1. Hi, I teach MS art in Charlotte NC and I would love to know how I could start doing a card swap for my 8th graders. Please let me know how to start!


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