Watercolor landscapes in the style of Paul Klee

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Looking at the lines in the nature and the use of the lines in the art, we of course came to consider the work of Paul Klee. His works express the evocative power of the lines: with few signs the lines, suggests to us the flow of water, an expanse of roads and fields, a big city full of palaces. I refer to some of the most famous works of the artist as ” Wild water “, “Main roads and secondary roads” and “Metropolis.” After showing these art pieces to the students, we observed them in black and white, to study better the development of the lines.

4quadri klee

 klee copia 2  klee5 copia 2paul-klee-acqua-selvaggia copia

Subsequently each student has invented his personal landscape inspired by those of Paul Klee, assembling parts of the landscape freely. After colored with watercolors, the design has been redrawn with colored markers to highlight the lines and their pace. Similar work which you can find HERE, suggest to cut out pieces from copies of Paul Klee’s art works, and assemble them into a collage.

_DSC2210  _DSC2211

_DSC1829 _DSC2515

_DSC2517 _DSC2521

_DSC1833 _DSC2525

_DSC2544 _DSC2547

_DSC2581 _DSC2584

_DSC2585 _DSC2586

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_DSC2592 _DSC2594

_DSC2595 _DSC2596

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_DSC3373 _DSC2708

_DSC2709 _DSC2589

_DSC2590 _DSC2591

_DSC1834 _DSC3191


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