Many lines for a leaf

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foglie righe 3x3

To stay on the theme of Autumn, we drew leaves using the subject of the lines. In sixth grade classes, we have made the drawing of a large leaf in pencil, and we split it into many parts, drawing the ribs inside the leaf. The ribs were have been decorated with colored felt tip pens, with a series of curved and parallel lines. We created so an effect of fullness on the surface of our leaf. Around the central leaf we drew other parts of leaves, which “emerge” from the frame of the drawing.
For this activity, which lasts about an hour, we need:

drawing sheet
colored felt tip pens

foglia steps







  _DSC1938  _DSC1939

_DSC1940 _DSC1941

_DSC1942 _DSC1943

_DSC1944 _DSC1945

_DSC1946 _DSC1947

_DSC1948 _DSC1949

_DSC1950 _DSC1951

_DSC1937  _DSC1952

_DSC2016 _DSC2017 _DSC2013 _DSC2015 _DSC2014


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  1. What a great shaope to use for exploring line and pattern. It would be a great activity for the start of the school year as every student could decorate a leaf with patterns and they could be added to a tree shape showing off the collaborative work of the whole school! Thanks for the inspiration!


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