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From a project in collaboration with the Italian teacher, with a 7th grade class, we attended a competition, by creating a story with the illustrations. This is the Italian competition “Writers in Class”(Scrittori di Classe), targeted at Primary and Middle Schools throughout Italy.

After a short lesson on the illustrations in the books and their creation, we talked about the narrative power of the visual message combined with a story, and we thought about how to make it immediate, understandable and effective. We opted for an image in mixed media, preparing a background painted in acrylic tempera, with bright colors and shiny. The figures are drawn on white paper with colored pencils, cut out and pasted on the painted background. To complete the scene, we designed details and nuances with colored pencils, and finally we pasted some pictures cut out from magazines.












_DSC0113 copia



_DSC0114 copia













2 Templates of “Minions Avatar”

Portrait in the style of Van Gogh


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